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Silicone spoon rest

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Silicone Spoon Rest for Stove Top Kitchen Utensils Holder for Counter Kitchen Gadgets
Upgraded 3 In 1 Kitchen Gadgets: Utensil holder includes 4 spatula slots, 1 cooking tongs slots, and 1 spoon holder. You get 6 parking spaces for your utensils! keep your cooking tools neatly organized.Keep Your Kitchen Countertop Clean: Cooking spatula holder with a wide silicone mat, the square bowl is designed with a lip around the edges that catches all drips and liquids from kitchenware to keep your stovetop splatter-free. It is the perfect kitchen decor.Larger Size: 10.2"×8.2"×1.8", Upgraded kitchen utensils rest fits more cookware, cutlery, serving spoons, stainless steel ladles, grill tongs, wooden spatula, forks, chopsticks, skimmers, whisks, etc...More convenient to cook.Food Safe & Heat Resistant: The grill spoon rest is made of 100% food-grade silicone, BPA free, heat resistant, non-toxic, durable, and flexible; This heat-resistant spoon holder for stovetop can be placed near the stove, countertop, or placed in any area that prep work or cooking is done.Multifunction Design: There is a hanging hole on the ladle rack, and the packaging is equipped with 2 hanger hooks, which can be placed easily and does not take up space; it is designed with a checkered non-slip bottom, which is not easy to is an apartment essential.

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