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2019 DH-Silicone Rewards & Celebration Annual Meeting Party
As summary of work this year 2019 and welcome new year 2020 coming, we Quanzhou Ding Hui Silicone Rubber Development Co., LTD (DH-Silicone) held the 8th Rewards & Celebration Annual Meeting Party on Jan. 15, 2020. Thanks for everyone are hard work in the past year, the Flowers, Applause and Honor are belongs to you.Firstly, A Hot Chinese Song “Wang Fei” was sung by James Wu to start our party. Everyone turned on the flash of mobile phone with a great cheer went up from the wonderful night. The second part is the Rewards of DH-Silicone Team, all are hard and excellent, specially for Emily - Top Sales Champion of the Year 2019. During this year, she was sold 285,200pcs Silicone Storage Food Bags and 445,580pcs Silicone Ice Mold Tray for some big orders. As our professional experience, enthusiastic sales team and excellent good quality control, we firmly believe that DH-Silicone will get a new high sales amount in the new year.At this wonderful night we also had games and lucky draw, the group interactive Entertainment made us a better cooperation. We had a lot of fun and laughter filled in the party.Finally, all DH-Silicone Families chorused the a song to end of this party, expect a good harvest in the new year. Cheers and Congratulations!!!


Five Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste
In the US, roughly 40 percent of all the food produce. This is totally insane - and it's an environmental disaster. And we pay dearly for this waste! According to ReFED's comprehensive Roadmap report, every year, the US spends roughly $218 billion growing, processing, transporting and disposing food that never gets eaten. Fortunately, the food waste dilemma is solvable. Five Easy Ways to Reduce Food WasteReducing your food waste is actually very simple; all you need to do is buy what you need and eat what you buy. Here are some easy tips to make it happen:1. Buy Only What You Need2. Eat What You Buy3. Keep Food Fresh4. Don't Toss Food Before it Spoils5. Avoid the TrashOther 4 points are controllable, but how to keep food fresh? We can use this kind of silicone storage bag for fruit, vegetables, meat , fish, egg or other dairy. It supports Microwave, Freezer, Stovetop, Dishwasher, very practical for life. The material is made of 100% Silicone FDA approval, LFGB as request, BPA FREE. High temperature resistant from -40℃up to 240℃. Airtight seal lock keeps the food fresh. There are 4 existing sizes for choice, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 4000ml, the Hole Design is convenient to keep them hanging. The most important that the Reusable and FDA material is good for healthy and helpful to protect the environment. Let’s Act Now, Please Reject Plastic Bags.


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